Why the U.S. military is moving to replace MINUTEMAN III ICBM with a new ground base strategic deterrent (GSBD) missile?

Ground-Based Strategic Deterrent missile to replace MinutemanIII

The U.S Air Force announced the next-generation intercontinental ballistic missile will begin test flights by the end of the calendar year 2023. U.S Air Force GBSD or  Ground-Based StrategicDeterrent program manager Col. Jason Bartolomei has stated that “We’re … already in critical design review for the subsystems, and we’re months away from first flight” He … Read more

Case Study of ZERODHA


If the entire trading industry gets disrupted because of artificial intelligence, machine learning practice, if people start believing more in Bitcoins and alternate currencies, then Zerodha might be in for disruption, not because of Zerodha’s fault, but because of the fact that the nature of the industry might itself change entirely. Meaning of word ‘ZERODHA’ … Read more

Statues: North Korea’s Biggest Export

Why Statues are North Korea’s Biggest Export

This is Senegal — home to 15 million people, one of the region’s relatively more stable democracies, and the Westernmost country in Africa. Dakar — its capital, and Senegal’sWesternmost city. And within Dakar, this is the African RenaissanceMonument, situated on the very Western edge of the Cape Verde Peninsula. On the third of April, 2010, … Read more

The hidden truth behind GDP of India 2021.

The hidden truth behind GDP of India

Introduction Recently, new data was released about the GDP of the country. According to it, the annual GDP Growth Rate of the country in the last Financial Year, in the Financial Year of 2020-2021, has touched -7.3%. Since the independence of the country, there has never been such a terrible annual GDP Growth Rate in … Read more

Who is richer : Tata or Ambani

Who is richer : Tata or Ambani

So, today we are going to talk about who is richer between Tatas And Ambanis. Before that, we will know about the background of Tatas & Ambanis, how they started and what are their ethics or values. So, that you understand this case study even better History of Tata group Let us start with the … Read more

Nagaland insurgency

nagaland insurgency

Introduction Khonoma village is just 20 km away from Nagaland’s capital, Kohima. But it takes a good hour’s drive to reach there. Somewhere on the side of a road in the village, you would see this memorial: “Nagas aren’t Indians; their territory is not a part of the Indian Union. We shall defend this unique … Read more

What If ISRO Had the Same Budget as NASA?

What If ISRO Had the Same Budget as NASA?

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has masterminded some crucial space missions in recent years. It’s sent headline-making probes to the moon and Mars,   and now has plans to go much further. Along the way, however, it has always worked with limited funds… so what if that were to change? Today we’re answering the extraordinary question; What … Read more